Our Story

GIGI was created for those that desire to live FREE AS A BIRD.
The name GIGI is after my daughter Gianna as she embodies everything it means to live FREE AS A BIRD. She is full of love, energy and light marching to the beat of her own drum always seeking adventure.
The hummingbird holds a special place in our hearts and has been symbolic in our own journey. The hummingbird is always actively seeking the sweetest nectar. They remind us to forever seek out the good in life and the beauty in each day.
It is our prayer that your GIGI blanket will gift you with the same light as my Gianna and symbolic meanings of the hummingbird. May you and those you gift a GIGI blanket to always be filled with energy, vitality, joy, renewal, sincerity, healing, persistence, peace, infinity, agility, playfulness, loyalty and affection!
Gianna & Ashley